Mass Entry and Affiliate Linking

Single Product Affiliate Link

When creating an Affiliate Link to use on Social Media, Twitch, or Youtube, it is best to use the Single Product Affiliate Link.

To link to a single product page on TCGplayer with an affiliate link, simply include the partner code as a parameter in the URL. For example, if you wanted to link to the homepage of TCGplayer, the link would look like this:

Where AFFILIATECODE is your affiliate code. This will work for any product, even those not currently supported by Mass Entry.

Decklist Affiliate Link

To link to decklist you have listed on TCGplayer with an affiliate link, simply include the partner code as a parameter in the URL as well as the link to the decklist. For example, if you wanted to link to a decklist featured on your site or in one of your videos, the link would look like this:


Using to build streaming friendly links

For the next step, copy the entire link that was created. Head on over to and paste the full link into the bar. From here, you should have a link generated that looks like this: can be a great tool for tracking how many users are using different types of links. These links can easily be included in the description for a Youtube video or a Twitch stream and can be a great way to add value for your users and receive credit for the referrals that you make through our affiliate program.

Mass Entry Available Product Lines


Product Line Availability

Dragon Ball Super CCG has been added to the Mass Entry tool as an available product line.

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard
  • Pokémon
  • Flesh and Blood TCG
  • Digimon Card Game
  • Dragon Ball Super CCG

Mass Entry GET request

One of the most convenient features offered by is the ability to use the Mass Entry tool to purchase a list of multiple cards at the same time and optimize around the best price points and conditions for the products. As an affiliate of TCGplayer, linking to Mass Entry with a deck list or other type of list of cards can be an excellent way to refer traffic and make it more convenient for users to purchase an entire deck list at the same time.

This tool can be linked to through either a GET request or a POST request. To do a GET request, you will need to link to a URL that includes a list of products as well as your affiliate code if you want to include a link to an affiliate code. An example URL would look like this:,%20Steward%20of%20Elements||4%20Chart%20a%20Course||


The following URL has been deprecated:

Replace AFFILIATECODE with your affiliate code. You can also replace 'productline=Magic' with one of the other product lines currently supported by Mass Entry:

The list of cards for parameter c is a list of cards separated by these characters: ||

In the above URL, spaces have been replaced by the URL encoded character for space. (%20)

Mass Entry POST request

The GET request detailed above works great for most uses. However, if you are attempting to link to a very large list of cards it may not work as there is a character limit to the list of cards. In this case, instead of linking to a GET request through a URL, you will want to POST to the page. The POST URL should still contain your partner code, example:

The POST body should contain the parameter c, which contains the whole deck list in the format above. (example: c=1%20Nissa,%20Steward%20of%20Elements||4%20Chart%20a%20Course|| )

The POST request should be made to a different URL than the GET request:


The following URL has been deprecated:

The API will return a 303 redirect response, redirecting the client to Alternatively, clients making a request to the POST endpoint can find the Mass Entry URL in the Location HTTP response header and manually redirect to the URL returned through the header.


POST Request Data Lifetime

The product data sent with the request body to the POST endpoint will be available for 5 minutes at the returned location. After 5 minutes, the data will no longer be available and the client will have to repeat the process.

Mass Entry Accepted Input Formats

When entering products into the Mass Entry input or forming a list of products to import, additional non-required product attributes can be indicated in order to add more specific products to your cart. The following attributes can be specified for each product:

Quantity4 lightning boltYes
Name4 lightning boltYes
Set Code4 lightning bolt [M10]If the selected product line is Pokémon or the Card Number is present, yes, else, no.
Card Number4 lightning bolt [M10] 146No