External Kickbacks API

Run this script to determine if TCGplayer is running and active kickback and it's details

How do I implement?

The URL is listed here:


You will want to run a script that calls this endpoint approximately once an hour and save the results to a database in order to reference for your site/page/application.

What will it return?

As an affiliate utilizing this endpoint, you will be able to see the following info:

  • Active dates and times of the kickback, in Eastern Standard Time
  • Percentage for the active kickback
  • What the kickback applies to (product lines, product types)

The call will return "NULL" if the is currently no active kickback. Examples are below.

	"startDateTime": "06/14/2019 12:00:00",
	"endDateTime": "06/17/2019 22:00:00",
	"percent": "5.00",
	"productTypes": [
	"productLines": [
		"Bakugan TCG",
		"Cardfight Vanguard",
		"Dice Masters",
		"Dragon Ball Super CCG",
		"Dragon Ball Z TCG",
		"Exodus TCG",
		"Final Fantasy TCG",
		"Force of Will",
		"Future Card BuddyFight",
		"Lightseekers TCG",
		"MetaX TCG",
		"Munchkin CCG",
		"My Little Pony CCG",
		"Star Wars Destiny",
		"The Caster Chronicles",
		"Transformers TCG",
		"Universal Fighting System",
		"Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions TCG",
		"Weiss Schwarz",
		"Zombie World Order TCG"
	"startDateTime": null,
	"endDateTime": null,
	"percent": null,
	"productTypes": null,
	"productLines": null

How can I utilize this?

We typically see a 30%-40% increase in affiliate revenue when kickbacks are running and your community is made aware of it. Some examples of how you can use this data and inform your audience include:

  • Activating graphics or text with the current sale percentage next to TCGplayer links or prices
  • Updating prices to reflect kickback percentage
  • Changing ad space to include new kickback advertisement (provided by TCGplayer)