v1.18.0 (Deprecated)


We’re sorry, this version of the API is no longer available.

Please see https://docs.tcgplayer.com/docs/august-2023-deprecation-notice for more information.

New Endpoints

  • GET /stores/:storeKey/buylist/categories
    • Lists all the categories of products in a store's buylist
  • GET /stores/:storeKey/buylist/settings
    • Returns a boolean indicating if the Seller has an active Buylist configuration
  • GET /stores/:storeKey/buylist/groups
    • Lists all the groups of products in a store's buylist
  • GET /stores/:storeKey/buylist/skus
    • Lists the items in the store's buylist, filtered by the various parameters

Modified Inputs

  • GET /stores/{storeKey}/inventory/products/{productID}/relatedproducts
    • Added new, optional, boolean parameter myInventoryOnly, default of false. When true, the endpoint will only return related products in the authenticated store's inventory.

Modified Returns

  • GET /catalog/categories
    • Will now return status 200 OK if no categories are returned, e.g. when the offset is past the end of the list
  • GET /stores/:storeKey/inventory/products/:productId/shippingoptions
    • Fixed bug where totalCount value was not accurate